Bridal Service


“Being a part of a bride’s big day is such a privilege,” says Le Boutique Salon Director Amelia Rush. “Listening and helping to mould the image my clients have in their head into reality is so special to me. It’s an extra perk of my job and one I intend on doing more and more,” she says.

“The creativity of doing wedding hair is a joy, to be able to craft something soft and beautiful is amazing and fun.” Amelia does both in-salon and mobile bridal hair services, but mostly goes out to brides to so they don't have to run around on their wedding day.

Amelia always runs a hair trial two to three weeks beforehand, so the bride has an idea of how the right hair style fits with her entire wedding aesthetic. “Then we collaborate on something that meets her needs,” says Amelia.

“You need to be willing to listen to a bride and what she would like, after all it is her big day,” she says. “Listening, researching styles, practice, confidence and being friendly and helpful the whole way through.”